The Company Values

All policies adopted and decisions taken in CPR Rio are guided by principles considered fundamentals by the company, such as:

  • ► Integrity:

    Honesty and transparency in all transactions and processes are fundamental to establish with customers, suppliers and employees a healthy relationship of trust and partnership that has lasted more than a decade.

  • ► Quality and excellence:

    CPR Rio continually invests in technology, research and skilled labor to honor its commitment to offer its customers products with guaranteed quality, adaptation to market requirements and legislation.

  • ► Environmental Responsibility:

    In addition to value and encourage the selective garbage collect, promoted by cooperatives of scavengers, reducing the deliberate disposal of PET bottles in nature, CPR RIO is the only Brazilian company to obtain approval from ANVISA to perform the high-tech recycling process called bottle-to-bottle.

    In it, used PET bottles are collected and subjected to selection, grinding, cold wash, chemical wash, extrusion and post-condensation in the solid state, giving rise to small beads, or PETR, which, free of any substances harmful to health, have characteristics similar to the virgin matter.
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  • ► Social Responsibility:

    Willing to actively contribute to build a better future, CPR Rio along with all other VALGROUP’s companies has adopted practical measures to prepare and enable citizens, valuing and respecting human being’s individualities.
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